Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank You to a Friend.........

One of the finest men I have ever known in my life is Israel Fogle. He has been my friend and mentor for 46 years now. Our family moved to Charleston in 1964 when my Dad became Chief of the St. Andrews Fire Department. He was a volunteer firefighter at St. Andrews and my Dad would later ask him to be the Chaplain for the Department. Little did I know at the time that I would count on his guidance and counsel so many times along the way. He helped me get several of my first cars, gave me help when I was a young father with two little children and couldn’t pay my bills, has given me advice on being a father, husband, and firefighter, and really has been a father figure for me throughout my life. In 1984, he married my wife, Marci-Jo and me and we celebrated our 25th anniversary last November. I know that many of you share my love and respect for him and you too have benefited in your lives because of his influence. He is a true southern gentleman, a respected firefighter, a good husband and father, and a true servant of God. As he and I stood at the Charleston 9 Memorial on June 18, I realized that he may truly be one-of-a-kind and we are better people because he is in our lives. Thank you Chaplain Fogle, I’m sure I’ve never said it enough.

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