Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life Springs Forward!

As we were working at the SSS site today, we heard a faint sound near the flagpole and discovered a Momma bird sitting on a nest of four eggs.  She was none too happy about our being there.  We stopped work to decide what we needed to do to protect  her and the eggs.  First, we put stakes around her nest to keep the construction equipment working on the property from disturbing her.   We made several phone calls seeking advice on how to take care of her and the folks at the Birds of Prey Aviary near Awendaw agreed to come out and assist in moving her and her babies to a safe location.  As we watched her protecting her nest, I couldn’t help but think of how the SSS site has affected all of us in the last four years. It is normally a solemn and sad location where memories of our lost heroes linger.  But today, however, this little bird showed us all that life does spring forward as she sought safe refuge there to have her offspring. In a way, it was her tribute to the 9 and I believe they would be pleased.  

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