Friday, May 13, 2011

New Life!

Even though our old Engine 11 doesn’t respond to fires any longer, it has been a special part of our Team and our lives now for several years. It has served as a rallying point for us many times, standing as a symbol of hope and recovery for all of us.  It has been involved in many exciting and  happy occasions, weddings, parades, and other events that have brought many smiles to all around it. It has also been involved in solemn events as well, funerals of friends and loved ones and memorials for our fallen brothers. So, often we have an opportunity to see it be a part of something very special and this week, it did not let us down.  It seems that a momma bird decided to take refuge on Engine 11 to have her babies, building a nest in the “skull saver” on its ladder. All three crews at Engine 116 have taken an interest in this new life going on and have been leaving a door open in the station to allow the momma an opportunity to fly in and out of the station in search of food for her offspring. Who said firefighters couldn’t be “softies”? At any rate, Engine 11 is out of service for a while until these little ones can fly from the nest. Thanks guys, for keeping an eye on them.

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