Monday, December 19, 2011

The Brotherhood

Some will say that “The Brotherhood” no longer exists in the Fire Service, but, my friends, it is alive and well in the Charleston Fire Department. Yes, we have our disagreements and sometimes we don’t even like one another very well, but when the times get tough, you all rise to the challenge, are there for one another, and truly show what “brotherhood” is all about. Brotherhood, you see, is not something you get with the badge, or is it issued with your uniforms. You must pay it forward and invest in each other in order to truly experience what is all about. Whether it is a trip out-of-town to pay your respects to another firefighter in a different state, attending the funeral of one of our own, packing a hospital waiting room in support of a brother and his family, or simply helping a brother clean up his yard when he is ill, it is, and will always be about the brotherhood. For any who don’t think it exists, look around you. You may be pleasantly surprised. Stand proud my friends, there is much to do in the future and the brotherhood cannot be taken away.

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