Monday, May 21, 2012

Exciting New Program to be Debuted Next Month!

Today, six members of our Charleston Firefighter Support Team traveled to Columbia and joined others from around the State to receive training on becoming instructors for an exciting new Behavioral Health program to be offered to all of our firefighters by the South Carolina State Firefighters Association and the South Carolina Fire Academy.  We are all very excited as this program will be debuted at our Fire-Rescue Conference in Myrtle Beach next month.   It will be the initial component of a multi-faceted effort to bring appropriate behavioral health care and training to our firefighters all over South Carolina.  All of the folks that received the training today will be a part of the initial team to begin delivering this program. 

Thanks to Frank Marker, Robbie Baldwin, Bill Haigler, Gerald Mishoe and Johnny Hackett for their commitment to making this program a reality.  Special thanks to Christopher Wells, our Peer Team clinician, for the development and delivery of today’s program.  Stay tuned for more information as this program continues to unfold.

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