Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just to Be Like Dad!

As I looked through our old posts this morning, I came across the following that was originally posted in August, 2009.  I realized that the thoughts expressed in it are really timeless:  
CFD Firefighter Kevin Pool & his son, Keaton
Today, as I watched our new recruits graduate and become members of the department, I reflected on when I first received my badge as a firefighter. It was January, 1967 and I was as excited as I had ever been in my life. I was fortunate to have grown up as a fire department kid with a Dad that had always been a dedicated member of the Fire Service and a hero to me. I was much like most boys, who want to be like their fathers and my entry into the fire department was my first chance to live that dream. As I looked around the auditorium today, I saw many men who have also lived that dream and followed their dads into the proudest and most honorable profession known to man. Many of us have been further blessed to have had our own sons or daughters follow us into the fire department and that, my friends, may be the ultimate accomplishment of our careers. 

Another thought that came to mind today was the camaraderie of the new recruits and again I was reminded of the old friendships that were represented in the crowd today. Many of us there began our careers together and even though some of us worked in different departments, we are all close friends who have always shared the love of the job. I thank all of those people, and they know who they are, for all that they have done for me over the years. I can only hope that our new recruits will have long and safe careers filled with exciting times, good friends and loving families, just as we all shared today.

Stay safe, my friends,


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