Thursday, November 20, 2008

Please Share Your Thoughts with Us.......

As all of you know, the Team has been working on the restoration of Engine 11 as a tribute to the Charleston 9 and to all Charleston firefighters. We hope that this truck will be a symbol of remembrance for the Charleston 9 and will also serve as a lasting tribute to the men and women of the Charleston Fire Department who have dedicated their lives to making this a safer community.

It has been suggested that when the truck is completed, the number on it be changed to "9". While we certainly don't have any objection, it is important to us that you share your thoughts with us. Please feel free to do so by leaving a comment here or by calling me at (843) 609-8300.

Stay safe,



Richard said...

Nine is a good thought, but 11 was suppose to have been first in on SSS. A tough decision! Were you not going to have Hollberge(sp) do a tribute to the nine in airbrush? Some sort of large tribute to the nine must be present on the outside for all to see. I am sure you will make the right decision Gerald!

jimz said...

There is a long history and tradition that give this truck its character as Engine 11.jimz