Thursday, August 5, 2010

Restoring Metal and Memories. . . . . . . .

SAFD Truck # 9
Have we met our match? Time will tell. It's time to get out the "fire wrench" and get started. Wish us luck as the memory of many of us rides in this old truck and it is a story worthy of being told! This truck was put in service in 1969 and served mainly as the Training Officer's vehicle for a large portion of its' service life. It difficult to look at it and not remember the many members of the St. Andrews Fire Department that helped shape the foundation for the department it is today. Obviously, my Dad, J.G. Mishoe, first comes to mind, and many others such as Mickey Kennedy, Henry Duren, Billy Peek, Buck Bowen, Bob Parish, Earl Matthews, (the lone holdout), John Weeks, John Anderson, J.T. Smith, Arthur Cope, Israel Fogle, Benny Picquet, and many, many others who gave and are giving, (that's for you, brother Earl), their service and commitment to the citizens of St. Andrews Parish over the years.
Captain Earl Matthews
To our brothers and sisters of the SAFD, thank you for continuing that spirit and commitment. You all have inherited a proud heritage as you continue to add your own memories for those that will follow you.

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