Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Charleston Firefighters Receive Knights of Columbus Award!!

Captain John Winn, Jr., Engineer Robbie Barrineau, and Firefighters Steven Drexler and Douglas Anderson were awarded the Knights of Columbus Firefighter of the Year award this past Sunday, November 7, in a ceremony in Charleston. Following is an excerpt from the letter of nomination written by their Asst. Chief Robert O'Donald:

"On the early morning of January 2nd, 2010 several 911 calls came into the CFD dispatch reporting a fire in a dwelling at 94 Gordon Street. Charleston dispatched a full alarm assignment consisting of Engines 108, 109, 106, 115, 103, Ladder 104, Rescue 301, Battalions 103, and 104.

Upon the arrival of first due Engine 108, the officer reported a fire in a one story, single family, dwelling. Engine Company 108 forced open the front door and advanced an attack line inside and started to extinguish the fire. The other units arrived and started performing the duties of their individual assignments. Engine 106 and Ladder 104 started a search of the dwelling to check for the possibility of any occupants needing assistance. Engine 106’s search crew made up of Acting Captain Robert Barrineau and Firefighter Douglas Anderson made their way through the house searching and found an unconscious male victim. It appears that the victim had been asleep in his bed when he somehow became aware of the fire and attempted to exit the dwelling. With egress through the front door blocked by the growing fire in the front room, the victim made his way through a hallway to a rear room where he apparently became overcome and was found laying in a corner of the room. Upon locating the victim, Acting Captain Barrineau advised the search crew of Ladder 104 made up of Acting Captain John Winn Jr. and Firefighter Steven Drexler. Acting Captain Winn radioed their findings to command and advised that they were bringing the victim out. The four members worked together carrying and maneuvering the victim through the house and to the front yard.

Once the victim reached the front yard Battalion 103 assigned Engine 103 to patient care and they assisted the rescuers with providing oxygen and artificial respirations to the victim. Charleston County Emergency Medical Service units arrived and Engine 103 provided a driver and an EMT to the EMS unit. The victim was transported to the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Hospital. The victim was stabilized at MUSC and then flown to the burn unit in Augusta, Georgia.

The above description does not include all of the individuals involved with this incident but it was truly a team effort. From the dispatchers quick notification, the Firefighters efforts, the CPD’s support, to the EMS and MUSC’s care and transport, these efforts all came together to provide the best service available to a member of our community, in their most desperate time of need.

While still recognizing the team effort that was made, the individual actions of Acting Captain Robert Barrineau, then Acting Captain, now Captain John Winn Jr., Firefighter Douglas Anderson, and Firefighter Steven Drexler combined to ensure that this incident resulted in a positive outcome."

Captain John Winn, Jr.

Engineer Robbie Barrineau

Firefighter Steven Drexler

Firefighter Douglas Anderson
Congratulations to Captain Winn, Engineer Barrineau, and Firefighters Drexler and Anderson for a job well done!

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