Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Engine 11 Turns 50!!

During the month of December, we will celebrate the continued service of our flagship, Engine 11, with the 50th anniversary of her being placed in service!   She joined the CFD in December, 1960, along with Engine 10, as a matching pair of new pumpers. They were the last two matching pumpers purchased by the CFD until we received the new Engines 108 and 115 recently. Engine 11 faithfully served our community until 1991 when she was sold to Stoney Blanton of Stoney's Old Time Firehouse in Colleton County. Thanks to Stoney, she was stored inside his building where we resurrected her in the summer of 2008. After months of restoration and the support of many, many people, we placed her back in service in November, 2008 where she continues to stand as a tribute to all of those who have served this City so well.  

Recently, I sat behind the wheel and imagined all the action she has seen over the years. Many good men have driven and served on her in her history and she has pumped untold gallons of water. With some good luck and tender care, she will continue to serve us well in the coming years.

Take some time this month to attend one of the parades or just stop by Engine 116's quarters to take her picture.  It will be well worth your time.

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