Monday, June 27, 2011

Engine 8 Comes Home! Well Almost!

Last week, we acquired a 1976 American LaFrance Century pumper to add to our collection of vehicles.  This old engine has personal significance to me in that it was the first new vehicle purchased by the North Charleston District Fire Department in 1976 shortly after I joined the District as an Assistant Chief.  It was purchased along with a 1976 American LaFrance 100' rear mount aerial ladder and was the pride of our fleet in those days.  It roamed the streets of North Charleston, manned by a host of great firefighters, who kicked butt and took names, until it was transferred to the C & B Fire Department in Ladson in 2003.  Many thanks to the C & B Board of Directors for making it available to us, and to Chief Troy Williams and all of our friends at C & B for taking great care of her.  We will be sure that she continues to represent all of you as she joins our other vehicles in our public outreach and education programs.   

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S Jones said...

Enine 8 is /was an Awsome Enine to drive. I think 8 and 15 were my Fav's.