Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Story of the "Wear Red for the 9" T-Shirts

We are extremely appreciative of all of our friends who have supported our “Wear Red for the 9” campaign by purchasing the Charleston 9 t-shirts from us. I thought it appropriate, as we approach June 18, to tell you the story of how these shirts came about. The shirts were first designed by Mikey Frenchie’s uncle, Legrand Campbell, prior to last year‘s Charleston 9 Memorial. After some discussions with Diane French, Mikey’s mother, Legrand agreed to allow Diane to print an adaptation of his original design. Diane had about twenty dozen printed two weeks prior to last year’s memorial and sold out quickly. She and her family asked our Team if we would take over the project and work with them to continue it. The intent of this effort is, and has always been, to continue to honor the 9 and we have been blessed to receive the support of lots of people who share that vision. In addition to honoring the 9 by wearing these shirts, we use the proceeds from their sale to continue to help support training programs and activities of our Team as we feel that is another appropriate way to honor the 9.

We would like to take this opportunity to, once again, thank all of you for your support of our program and our Team and to especially thank Legrand Campbell and Diane French for their vision in starting this project.

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