Sunday, January 29, 2012

Best Wishes to Good Friends!

This past week, one of our own, Battalion Chief John Winn, was hospitalized and now must face some uncertain times as he begins his journey to beat his illness. As I visited him in the hospital, I stood in line outside of his room to get my opportunity to visit with him and Debbie. There were so many firefighters and supporters there that we actually took turns going in to his room. One of the nurses approached me and said that she had never seen so many visitors for one person. I told her that first, that was John Winn in there and once she got to know him, she would understand why so many were there. I also asked her if she had ever had a firefighter under her care and she said “no”. Well, I told her that if she ever did again, she would see another large group of people because firefighters looked at life a little differently. She said it was an amazing thing to see and she was truly touched.

Well, as we all expected, Chief Winn took the news of his illness with the spirit to do whatever he has to do to beat it. In his normal fashion, he continues to worry more about his family and his firefighters than himself and plans on returning to duty next week. Rest assured, Chief John and Debbie, that the support shown by all the firefighters last week will continue to follow you both in the coming weeks and months.

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