Friday, January 6, 2012

A Mystery Solved...........

For some time now, there has been a photo hanging in Fire Department Headquarters of an early CFD Chief's car. The identity of the two occupants of the car, obviously a Chief Officer and a driver, were unknown until recently when I recognized the driver as Charles Pequette, a member in the fire department who, until becoming the Chief's driver, was an active leader of the truck company, located on John Street in those days. I had seen his photograph in some of the truck company photos with his name listed. The mystery remained as to who the Chief Officer was until today, when my son, Grant Mishoe, of SCOnFire, provided us with his research on the subject.

On July 17, 1915, the Chief's car, being driven by Chauffeur Pequette, was enroute to a fire at Box No. 454 on the corner of Coming and Montague Street. Asst. Chief Michael J. Morris was riding on the passenger side when they collided with a City of Charleston Police car at the corner of Calhoun Street and St. Phillip Street. Chauffeur Pequette was thrown from the vehicle and suffered a severe skull fracture. Chief Morris was pinned under the dash and died from his injuries. In addition, several police officers were injured in the collision.

Grant was able to get a copy of Chief Morris' death certificate documenting his cause of death as well as the photo of the wrecked Chief's car. Special thanks to him for his work in solving this mystery for us.

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