Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Forever in Our Hearts"

On Monday, many will gather at the Charleston 9 Memorial Site for the Fifth Anniversary Memorial Service to remember these brave firefighters and to pay our respects to their memories. 

The Charleston Fire Department has gained many new members since 2007 and many others have retired, left the department or passed away. Regardless of where we were then, or where we are now, we hope that all of you will take time on Monday to remember the 9 and their sacrifices. Some will take time to be with their families and others will be on duty. Whether it’s out on your boat, going to a movie, traveling with your family, resting at home, or attending the Memorial, it is important to take care of yourselves for that is what our nine brothers would want us to do.

Regardless of where you are, just take a moment to remember them as their legacies live on through all of us as they will be “Forever in Our Hearts”.

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