Monday, August 18, 2008

Anger - How Do You Deal With It?

Anger is a normal healthy emotion. It needs to be appropriately expressed for healthy adjustment to life’s circumstances. It can be useful or disruptive. This emotion can vary in intensity, duration and frequency. Physiological changes are also associated with anger—these include tension, tightness, clenching, heart palpitations, headaches, fatigue as well as impulsive or explosive behaviors. Any of these may show us that our emotions are aroused in an angry state. These are signs that also provide the basis for recognizing and taking steps to manage our anger—that is, to be aware of it, identify its triggers, and understand our stressors, anxieties and frustrations. Then we can develop techniques, that through mindful practice, empower us to manage it, allowing us to deal effectively with life’s challenges and responsibilities.

Interested in more information pertaining to anger or any other counseling issue? Contact Amanda Custer or Jim Zukauskas with the Charleston Firefighter Support Team. Amanda can be reached at (843) 609-8641 and Jim can be reached at (843) 609-8640.

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