Friday, August 8, 2008

The CFD Wive's Club

During the graduation of the recruit class today, the CFD Wives’ Club provided refreshments for all who were there. When I heard of their involvement, I was not surprised. The Support Team has had the privilege of working with these women during the last year and they have never let us down. They have been involved in many projects and activities to include the Fire Museum Day in December for all CFD families, the annual Charleston Christmas parade, the Carolina Children’s Charity, and the CFD 9 Remembrance Picnic. They have attended ball games, hockey games and any other event they could to promote the Department and, most importantly, their guys. They have answered our call for help, every time, and we are proud of them and proud to be associated with them. I encourage any CFD wife who has not been a part of this organization to attend their next meeting on August 16 at the Salvation Army Conference Center on Ashley River Road to see what they have to offer. As for you guys, encourage your wives to attend their meeting. Their organization is growing and is becoming an important part of the future of this department. You can check out their website at

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