Sunday, July 13, 2008

"The Good Old Days"

Fred Walker & Gerald Mishoe 1967

I had the pleasure this week to visit an old friend of mine in a local nursing home. He is 86 years old now and has been a surrogate father to me since I was a teenager. During my high school years, when many of my friends were drinking or turning to drugs, he kept me busy working on race cars or fishing and hunting. We talked about the good old days, when life was much simpler, and the memories flooded back for us to enjoy once again. He reminded me that we create the “good old days” as we live our daily lives. Sure, we face tragedies, the loss of our 9 brothers and the loss of his wife of 65 years, two weeks ago, but the memories of them are what sustain us to move on. So, take some time today, to hug your wife or play with your children. Call your mother, your brother or sister, or a good friend, and let them know you’re thinking about them. Put some memories in your “good old days” bank and look forward to the days when you can revisit them to remind yourselves of what life is all about.

Stay safe, my friends.


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