Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where are You?

We know, without question, that many of you are hurting. You have faced much in the past year. The loss of your nine brothers, every aspect of the Department being called into question, many retirements and resignations and a large number of “outsiders” joining your ranks. New procedures and equipment coming at you as hard as a three alarm fire with much more to come. Our Team has been with you throughout it all and we are paying attention. Many of you have sought assistance in our program. A great number of family members have asked for help as well. We have watched you at fires, been with you during training, visited you in your stations, during the day and late at night. We have come to your homes, accompanied you to the emergency room, stood with you during the memorial services, consoled you and you have consoled us. You have disagreed with each other and counseled each other. Many of you have been actively involved in our program and, because of you, others have sought our help. Regardless of where you are in this process, we can all do more to help one another. If something in on your mind, if something is troubling you, give us a call. It is truly a no obligation call. We will respond to you. Call us at any time on our help line (843) 609-7013. You can help yourself while helping others.

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