Sunday, July 6, 2008


The Charleston Firefighter Support Team provides an array of services designed to meet the needs of personnel and families of the Charleston Fire Department.

The following services are available:

Crisis Intervention - Attending to those in need of immediate and critical support.

Individual Counseling - One-on-one counseling to address issues identified as causing undue stress and emotional upset and to seek viable solutions to these issues.

Family Counseling - Meeting with fire department personnel and their families to promote unity and strength within the family.

Couples’ Counseling - Addressing those issues unique to the needs of a committed relationship.

Group Counseling - Using the power of peer support to tackle issues and together seek solutions.

Children’s Counseling - Working with children based on their developmental stage to provide a safe environment to discuss any concerns, promote confidence, and increase self-control.

Medical Assessment - Assessing the need for and monitoring medications.

Community Outreach and Social Support - Participating in activities, meetings, and events outside of the office to provide support and education. We are available to provide services in the office, in schools, in the home, or in the stations. Phone consultations are available for additional support.

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