Thursday, July 31, 2008

Recruit Class in Progress!

This past Tuesday, Richie Denninger, Amanda Custer and I spoke to the new recruit class about our program and what we had to offer them. It was exciting to see a class of nineteen new firefighters, each hoping to become one of Charleston’s own. As we walked around the parking lot afterwards, we noticed license plates from quite a few different states, a sign that there is a great interest all around for firefighters to join this department. It was good to hear that all of these recruits have received Fire Academy 1152 certification prior to coming here. This will give them a good sound basis to build on and something to bring to the table, as they continue to prepare to take their places in the companies. To the new recruits, take pride in being a part of a department in transition as Charleston moves ahead, knowing that you are joining a great group of men and women who have faced the worst of times in the past year but have continued to answer the call to do their duty. To the other members of the department, reach out to these recruits, share your experiences, your training, your beliefs and, most importantly, your spirit as you all work to make the Charleston Fire Department an example for the fire service of this nation.

Be safe, my friends.

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