Friday, April 27, 2012

"Fight for Air Climb" Coming in July!

Charleston Fire Department Assistant Engineer Sean Harshaw is organizing a Charleston Fire Department Team for the American Lung Association's "Fight for Air Climb". The Team, appropriately named Charleston Firefighters, will include anyone on our department, as well as any neighboring department or visiting firefighter who would like to participate with them. We are honored to be able to assist Sean and the other CFD members who will be on the Team.

This year's event is much more personal to us all as our department is supporting CFD Battalion Chief John Winn. Chief Winn is presently battling Mesothelioma and we would love to have a strong representation and participation on his behalf. Sean and I are on the planning committee for this event and we are asking for your support in two ways; join the Team as a climber and go to the American Lung Association’s “Fight for Air Climb” event page and/or contribute to the “Charleston Firefighters” Team as a donor.  

We have a true opportunity to show our support for our good friend and Chief and contribute to a great cause as well.

Visit the link at to join the Team and/or contribute your donations to the climbers!

Your support and participation will be sincerely appreciated!


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