Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Charleston 9 Fifth Year Tribute Design

We have been working with a graphic artist for several months to design an appropriate logo to honor the Charleston 9 as we approach the 5th year observance of the loss of our brothers.  As we move forward from here, we are promoting a motto of “Forever in Our Hearts” to always remember the Nine and their sacrifice.

We are mindful that it is important to remember our past while looking forward to our future, hence the “Memories of the Past –Visions for the Future” theme in the design.  That theme is depicted with Engine 11 representing the past while Engine 115 stands as a symbol of the future of our department.  

T-shirts can be ordered on this website or by stopping by our office and will be available for delivery within two weeks.  Order now to get yours first!

Special thanks to Susan Everitt of fooGraphics on Daniel Island for her design and dedication to this effort and to Diane French for her love, support, and advice.

Initial proceeds from the sale of these shirts and decals will go to support the “Big John” project.

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