Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two Old Friends, On the Road Again!

Yesterday, as we rumbled down the interstate on the way to Mt. Pleasant for the Benefit for Billy, I was taken by in time to 1976 when we took delivery of Engine 8 at the North Charleston District Fire Department.  It was our first new truck in the District in quite a while as it came with Truck 9, a 100 aerial ladder with a matching Century cab.  They were our pride and joy and they both served for a long time roaming the streets of the District battling mayhem and madness.  Little did I know that after 35 years, we would cross paths again, working together,  maybe not battling so much mayhem and madness, but still serving our firefighters and our community and hopefully creating some happiness and good work along the way.

To all my young firefighter friends out there, savor every moment on the job for I promise they will sustain you later down the road! 

Stay safe,


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