Sunday, April 29, 2012

Second Chances............................

Today, we worked on the “Big John” project until I left to take Engine 8 to an event at the Fire Museum.  As I drove to the Museum, I began to think about all of these old fire trucks and wondered why they were so important to me.  Well, I realized that I have a lot in common with these old trucks.  In 2007, I was given an opportunity to “come out of retirement” to join a group called the Charleston Firefighter Support Team.  I have been blessed to be a part of a dedicated group of clinicians and peer counselors as we work to assist our firefighters and their families on a daily basis.  I know I can speak for all of my teammates in saying we are honored to be a part of this effort. 

Personally, being a member of this Team has given me an opportunity to hopefully make some contribution to the future of our firefighters long after I thought I was done.  So, I hope that we are giving these old fire engines the same opportunity to, once again, contribute when their days appeared to be done.   Whether they are at a firefighter’s wedding, rolling in a parade, standing proud at a fund raiser or car show, making children smile at a birthday party, or taking a firefighter to his final resting place, these old trucks continue to serve, in their own way, to honor those who have driven or ridden on them over the years.  

I am pretty sure that if they could talk, they would be thankful that they too are once again a part of this business we call the Fire Service. 

Be safe, my friends!


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